Why All Lives DON’T Matter.

A general rule of thumb for [at least faking the appearance of] being a decent, empathetic and sensible human being is: "Whatever Mike Pence does, do the opposite." So, I'll explain to people like Mr. Pence how the English language works. If I say "broccoli is healthy," it doesn't mean "an apple a day" is no longer healthy advice. They are not mutually exclusive ideas. Saying one does not negate the other, or any other statement. That would be the case if I said "ONLY Black lives matter." Black lives matter, means Black lives matter, too!

Here's a better explanation I found in the comments of a Trevor Noah Daily Show clip on Youtube.

[BEGIN QUOTE:] When the Boston Marathon was bombed, everyone's profile picture became, "Boston Strong!"
Nobody said "All cities are strong!"

When the Las Vegas shooting happened, people's profiles said "Stand with Vegas!"
Nobody said "What about the people who got shot in my city?".

Have you ever seen someone counter a "breast cancer" poster with "what about colon cancer?"

For some reason, however, if someone says "Black Lives Matter", it turns into an all inclusive "All Lives Matter."

It's not an either/or proclamation, folks. When there is a crisis we have always rallied around that particular group in crisis. It doesn't discredit or diminish any other group, it just brings awareness and support to the group that needs attention." [END QUOTE]

The resistance by some white people to uttering the words "Black lives matter" is the very same white denial, white blindness, white supremacy, white only thinking which is at the root of the very ills the movement is protesting.

We all (should, I hope) already believe that ALL lives matter. Saying that Black lives matter takes nothing away from the value of other lives, nor does it state a false premise, unless, of course YOU believe it to be false.

Here's an experiment if you're white: (for the sake of simplicity and clarity, I'll use a combination of colors and geographical origin)

Ask yourself aloud and really consider how you respond emotionally and vocally to the following:
"Do white lives matter?"
"Do European lives matter?"
"Do Asian lives matter?"
"Do Native American lives matter?"
"Do African lives matter?"

If you cannot say "Black lives matter" with as much comfort and conviction as you can say "European lives matter," (for instance) then, you, my friend are part of the problem the protests are aimed at.

It's understandable, of course. When you grow up in an "us versus them" "for you to win, I must lose" "zero sum game" society, you believe that saying "Black Lives Matter" somehow means there must be an equivalent "loss" on the other side of the battle field--that somehow "their" lives matter more than "ours."

It does not. It's simply a statement of fact by those who recognize that America's history and its judicial system and policing practices reflect the sad truth that all lives DO NOT MATTER equally to the courts the police and the average citizen. Either you agree or disagree.

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