The Big Book of American Racism

For over 400 years, America and Americans have been having a very dishonest conversation about race. This has been made possible by many tactics and strategies which you can find in the pages of A Dishonest Conversation About Race: An introduction to white blindness, racism by default and the vocabulary of bias in America. (Download a preview)

It’s also been possible due simply to ignorance. It’s likely that the majority of white Americans have no idea just how insidious the savagery is that whites have perpetrated against people of color right here in America. It’s a topic that’s simply not talked about in white families, and is certainly not addressed truthfully in the textbooks through which whites receive their education.

The Big Book of American Racism hopes to change that in a very simple yet practical way: by making the topic too big to avoid.  Measuring 14 x 2.8 x 16.2 inches and 400 pages, the “Picnic Size” edition of The Big Book of American Racism  is hard to ignore.

This photo album & scrap book includes disturbing images, newspaper accounts, interviews chronicling the cruelty, sadism

Genocide of Native American populations

Photos of whites lynching Blacks as part of their family picnics

Jim Crow Society

Polic shootings caught on camera

Public burnings

Public castrations

Accounts of Genital mutilation of slaves

Tuskegee Syphilis Experimentation


Japanese internment camps

residential security maps

Human zoos



This unique volume includes an expanded version of an essay by F.J. Sharp (first published in A Dishonest Conversation About Race in America) explaining the missing ingredient in most every attempt at honest conversations about race in America: The question of “Why.”

EXCERPT: Without understanding WHY whites fear Blacks and other people of color, the behavior and savagery can never be truly understood and thus addressed. Don’t jump into the conversation at point “B” accepting that racism exists and is normal. Start your conversation at point “A” and ask “Why?” What is the fear? What is the goal? Why do whites lynch, castrate, mutilate, poison, shoot, imprison and otherwise attempt to eliminate people of color? What is the reason? What is the motivation? 

Hatred? Certainly, but hatred is not a causal emotion. Hatred is a secondary emotion. What is the causal emotion? What leads to the hatred? We’ve already suggested that there are only two causal emotions: FEAR and LOVE. Both could lead to acting out in hatred. 

What do you think motivates whites? Is it fear, or is it love?

I’ll give you hint by asking you some questions. Let’s suppose you believed yourself to be a superior being. Would you fear somene whom you truly believed to be inferior? Would you deny another being entry to, say, a boxing ring if you believed that person to be inferior to you? Would you deny that person an education and opportunity to such a violent degree? 

The answer lies in “Memo #33” of Dishonest Conversation…and it has everything to do with genetics and inferiority, but not perhaps in the way you’ve been led to believe….[END OF EXCERPT]



Compiled, published and presented by The History We Write Project.

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