History demands it.

At some point, the laws of the universe, karmic justice–call it what you will– require that an accounting be done. Yes, it would be nice to simply “move on,” or “put it behind us” since “it all happened a long time ago” and because “I wasn’t there. I didn’t enslave anyone, it was my great-great-grandfather.”

Yes, I too, would love to “move on,” “forget about the past,” and live in a fair and just reality in which the sins of the fathers are not visited upon the sons. However, I cannot. You cannot. Neither of us can escape the repercussions of what our fathers have done or not done.

The cosmic roulette wheel of justice has decreed that ours is the generation that shall take the witness stand and reap the benefit or pay the price of the beliefs, actions, non-actions, lies of ommission or commission of those who came before us.

If you, as an adult, simply push this issue under the rug–and beg for a motion of continuance or postponement of the trial at hand– you condemn your own sons and daughters and grandchildren to suffer tomorrow for your failure today…and penalties always accrue over time. This applies to global warming, pollution, over-fishing, the depletion of natural resources, as well as to the injustice of white supremacy. We are all suffering to a greater degree today because of the negligence and failures of past generations to address the issues that have presented themselves for resolution. We and our children’s children shall all suffer to a greater degree tomorrow for our failures today.

Take the stand, please.

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